Creative Direction for leev.


A northern german juice manufacturer. The leev Hoppe was the first product, which became the new design. The leev hoppe is the first hopped apple spritzer. To put a face on the new variety, this campaign plays with a german children's song: Hoppe, hoppe Reiter! Reiter means rider in german. That's how this moped gang came into being, discovering the new sparkling drink in a mix of western films and typical north german manner.

Next to the leev Hoppe, the others also became a new look for better visibility in the catering trade and recognition in the market. With a classic yet loud design, you'd almost think the bottles come from the big 90s, when companies became love brands.


To position leev as the love brand it is and to create real experiences for potential customers, one way of the rebranding concept was, to be in the middle of several different german festivals. As branded as neccessary, but open minded and accessible as possible.


Leev means love in Low German. The people behind not only want to produce delicious juice, but also want to make a contribution! In Hamburg's nightlife it is common practice to leave empty bottles next to a bin to donate them. On Valentine's Day leev gave away 250x love. For once not to sweethearts and lovers, but to Hamburg's pawn collectors and homeless people! People who don't get much in life.